Mount Collins Holdings is a forwarding looking and progressive construction company. specializing in residential and commercial construction.

The company was established in the Spring of 2017 and has already become synonymous with an extremely high standard of finish and quality in Phases 1 and 2 of its first major development project, at Broadmeadows Vale Ratoath; working with our client Sherwood Homes (Ratoath) Limited with over 47 units completed in the first year.

Our Team

Ben Curtin

Founder - Chairman

Highly regarded and recognized within the industry, Ben founded Mount Collins Homes Ltd in 2017 to create a leading Main Building Contractor that provides a quality. professional and personal services. This was following a long and highly successful period of some 22 years with one of Ireland's most prolific house building developers in the Dublin region in the nineties and the "noughties"

Matt Carroll

Quantity Surveyor

Highly experienced Master’s Degree qualified Quantity Surveyor, with whom Ben has previously worked for some 15 years. Matt has a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of residential cost management and control, stretching back some 25 years.

Eamonn Hassett

Construction Director

Highly experienced and qualified construction professional with almost 40 years’ experience both internationally and in Ireland. Recipient of Construction Excellence awards in 1999 for his leadership on projects in Trinity College Dublin. Eamonn is responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the business and has a vast wealth of experience in numerous commercial construction projects

Aaron O'Reilly

Site Foreman

Aaron is the site foreman and a qualified carpenter with over 20 years’ experience. Aaron is on the ground and is involved in all aspects of the work from foundations to handover.

Ilona Stan

Account Department

Ilona holds an ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting. Ilona has joined Mount Collins Holdings recently and is a valuable team member with a professional “can do”​

Mount Collins Holdings


Mount Collins Holdings has been instrumental in working intensively with our client’s design team in investigating and (ultimately bringing about) solutions to meet some development challenges.

For example:

  • reducing excess excavation and disposal of excavated material using structural jousting to all house types.
  • achievement of A3 U-value in 2 and 3 store residential units through the innovative use of spray-foam internally applied wall insulation, while also achieving excellent air-tightness results
  • Lime Stabilization works to alleviate issues arising due to differences in starting levels on site.

Phase 3 is currently under construction (comprising some 84 no. semi-detached, terraced and detached dwellings), with work due to commence later in 2019, on an adjoining site (200+ dwellings), which is currently going through Planning.

We have over 30 Years (+) valuable experience in all aspects of the Project Management, Construction and Cost Management of largescale residential accommodation in the Leinster and – in particular – Dublin regions.

We are dedicated to working with other construction and development professionals in achieving the highest possible standards in residential development, including specialist related services such as Lime Soil Stabilization, and remediation of older development to meet current Fire Regulations and Building Regulations.

Core Principles

  • working tirelessly to achieve the standard expected by our clients, partners and the end users of our finished houses, alike
  • maintaining the highest level of safety (note that Mount Collins Homes carries the statutory role of PSCS on all its development projects),
  • absolute integrity and innovation in ensuring the best outcomes in terms of ease of use, low cost of maintenance, extremely low day to day running costs, while respecting and safe-guarding the environment in which we work
  • playing its part in promoting and fostering growth and prosperity for our sub-contractors, materials suppliers and our employees alike
  • where practical and possible we endeavor to engage with material suppliers, on-site labor and management, and sub-contractors from within the locality where we work.