Dunville Close – Annesley Gardens

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Completion programmed October 2020

Phase I - Demolition

Demolition and Groundwork’s commenced on site November 2019

Phase II - Construction

There will be 20 Houses in total – 12 Four Bedroom Properties and 8 Three Bedroom + Study Properties.

There are two different house types made up of a terrace of 17 houses and a short terrace of three houses at the end. The Three Beds will measure 149sq.m. (1,559sq.ft.) The Four Bedroom Properties will range from 168sq.m. (1,795sq.ft.) to 186sq.m. (2,009sq.ft.) Each Property has its own streetscaping, Front Drive and rear garden.

Mount Collins Holdings will also complete all site works including widening the access road along Dunville Close, roads, boundary treatments, drainage, Landscaping and public Lighting.

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